What are your fees?

Fees are based on the type and length of the services you want, with prices you can afford. I am not into sales, I am into helping you achieve your dreams. I offer package deals and special pricing. 

What is coaching?

Do you have dreams you want to accomplish and can’t seem to find the energy, patience, or stick to a plan to make it come true on your own?  Then coaching helps you launch what you say you want, cheer you on so you can turn your desire into action,  dream faster to save you time and money. I will help you make your dreams a reality. Ask me how!

Can I book a coaching session?

Yes! I offer a 30-minute complimentary strategy call, so I can listen to your money and life intentions.  Ask any questions and then we decide if we are a good fit. If you decide yes then you pick your investment suite of services. We sign a contract agreement, you complete the investment fee and schedule your first strategy session. As your Coach, I see your natural strength, creativity and resourcefulness We create a solid actionable plan to help you transform your life, your money, your credit your way. It’s that simple! Excited to be on this journey with you.