Hello, I’m Jen!

Welcome to Jen Inspiring Coach! I’m excited that you decided to take charge and transform your life, faith and finances. Thank you for coming. 

A Certified Financial & Life Transformation Coach (FLTC), I’ve helped hundreds gain control, courage and confidence in their life and finances.

I know how difficult and scary it is to deal with a mound of debt and  stuck in a rut, thinking I would never come out of it. Trust me, I’ve walked that long road and have felt scared and alone. With gratitude, I’m now on the other side, celebrating victory and enjoying true freedom to help others on their journey. 

A natural connector of people, I’ve always had a deep passion for helping and connecting with others. My values are faith in God, family, friends, fun, freedom, and flexibility to live my life as it’s been designed.

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“A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.”

– Alexa Von Tobel

Step back from the overload and discover freedom as you begin your journey. Become self aware as you transform your life and money. Financially Frazzled to Financially Free

Gain Clarity, Confidence, Courage and CONTROL over your lifestyle, FAITH, FINANCES AND FUTURE.

Build, maintain and sustain generational legacy to make a lasting impact!

Transform your Financial and Lifestyle.

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Home strategy coaching

Helping you make smart pre and post housing decisions


Guiding you from frustrated to freedom in your faith and finances

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Moving you from challenge to success in your small business

Lifestyle Design

Inspiring you to move from dream to results 

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Client Love

I felt I had no control over my money and Jen guided me to create a easy to follow step by step plan with clear milestones. Once I got a hang of a system she offered I now balance out my finances with ease. Wow, I can now see where my money is going and how to save with confidence. Jen’s sessions helped me get a grip on my finances. Finally I have a plan I can feel proud of! 
Coaching with Jen was a wonderful experience. I was so stressed before I came into this coaching program over money and life, but after I feel relieved. 

Jen helped me create a budget, understand my credit score so I can fix it and make it work for me, create a clear money map with my personal goals. I honestly thought it was going to be hard….amazingly she makes you feel like everything you want to accomplish is reachable with hard work and patience. I would highly recommend Jen she is so easy to work with.
It was a wonderful experience. I was so stressed before I came into this coaching program. I was stressed over money, but now I feel relieved. 

She helped me create a budget and understand my score so I can fix it…..PLUS helped me worked on my life and money goals. Honestly thought this was going to be painfully hard….she made it amazingly easy plus she makes you feel like everything you want to accomplish is reachable with hard work and patience ..I would highly recommend Jen services!
We created a budget….I didn’t know I shouldn’t max out my credit cards now I know…..Great guide to self awareness on financial responsibility.
Before coaching I felt lost, scared and in financial despair. Jen coaching gave me hope, which led me to achieve my goals. In 3 months, I created a balanced monthly spending plan, saved money to buy a car and reduced my credit card debt. As a result, I’m prepared for financial unexpected expenses and feel relaxed and proud. Now, I can finally plan for travel! Jen’s sessions helped me become more self aware of my impulse spending and enabled me to conscientious in many areas of my life. I highly recommend Jen 10/10!!
Jen guides and helps her clients co-create a joyful, sustainable, values-centered life. She pumps positivity and balances it with a focus on practical, measurable bite sized tasks that lead to real results. Working with her has helped instill true confidence in my ability to craft the life that has long been yearning to break free from inside of me. Her genuine nature, empathetic heart, connected spirit, and practical knowledge & wisdom combine into a beautiful coaching symphony.
Kathryn Harris
Jen connects with clients on a deeper level. She delves under the surface to understand their goals and motivations. She is passionate about helping individuals “crack the code” of their financial decisions, and develop sound money habits. Jen instructs with grace, ease and patience! She is a fountain of resources, and truly loves her students. She regularly shares her wealth of knowledge on my radio show, and never fails to inspire our listeners. She practices what she preaches.
Dorcas Valentin
Jen is a great coach! She does amazing work in listening to your needs in getting you to take the proper steps in understanding how you need to shift your mindset about your money habits and attitudes…Habitudes! Her free e-book is a must blueprint to get from financially frazzled to being financially free! 🙂
Moe Rego

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