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6 questions to get your dreams in motion

Dreams, goals, wishes, desires, and wants – we all have them!

Some of us know, and some of us don’t know what dreams we want.  While others simply don’t have a clear game plan to create and implement their dreams.

Whichever camp you’re in, you can start the dream process in motion with these 6 simple questions.

Here are 6 preliminary questions to ask yourself to find out what your dreams might be:

  1. What fun personal interest or hobbies do you have or would like to have? Some examples are: cooking, crafts, talking, traveling, art, and so many more!
  2. What practical talents and or skills do you (or others) say you have? These can be event planning, administration, hosting, speaking, teaching, or even encouraging others.
  3. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do if you but have not done yet?  It may be something you are not brave enough to do yet or simply don’t have the means, such as public speaking, start a nonprofit, be an author, start a business.
  4. What medium to long term desires do you have? Think beyond this season to 2, 5, 10 or 20 years. This may be buying a home, going back to school, becoming debt free, or even retiring early.
  5. What brings you joy or what does your heart long for? This can be as simple as your love of singing, drawing, painting, or even getting your house organized!
  6. Are there consistent themes, patterns that you see in what you do well or prefer to do? For instance, you are very organized, a good planner, an amazing vision creator?

Write all your answers down and create a Vision board for your dreams. This will help increase your motivation, confidence, and even performance, which will lead you to achieving your goals and dreams.

What if there were ZERO limits to what you could do and be in your life? What would your life look like if all your dreams came true?

Want to go deeper, further and get more clarity to design your dream life? As a certified Life and Money Coach I can get you to your dreams faster.

Book a complimentary intention “Dream” session here today, your dream depends on it!

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