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7 Ways Your Health Impacts Your Money

Look, we all know we could do a little better on our health goals. Whether it’s skipping the gym to run the kids to practice, or running through a drive thru when we’re on a time crunch, there are a million tiny ways we push health to the backburner for seemingly more important things. But […]

Your feelings and finances

“Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.” -Natasha Munson Remember the 1974 song, “Feelings, nothing more than feelings”? If you were born before 1974 you could probably finish that song, well at least the first verse. The song identified something we all experience, “feelings”. You know […]

6 questions to get your dreams in motion

Dreams, goals, wishes, desires, and wants – we all have them! Some of us know, and some of us don’t know what dreams we want.  While others simply don’t have a clear game plan to create and implement their dreams. Whichever camp you’re in, you can start the dream process in motion with these 6 […]

Faith, Art and Money

You’re sitting at your work station staring at a blank canvas on your computer screen with your design/art software application open, wondering what to create next. Decisions, decisions. As your mind wonders, searching for the right muse or the right idea you know you might just be one creation away from what could lead to […]

3 Action Steps to Take in a Financial Crisis

Okay, So COVID19 has taken us all by surprise! So now what? If you have been laid off or downsized from your job. Here are 3 simple actions steps to take to get quick financial footing: 1. PRIORITIZE NEEDS THAT MUST BE MET FIRST Pay only the basic needs. Housing, food, utilities and transportation, the […]

7 Tips for buying your first home

Ahhhh finally getting keys to your brand-new home, what a great feeling! Feelings of pride, joy and excitement while simultaneously experiencing worry and anxiety, all on the same day. But buying your first home is no easy task, from beginning to the end the process is filled with lots of emotions, highs and lows. It’s […]

How to review your credit report

Covid19 pandemic has done damage in every arena of our lives, especially financially. As a result of this sweeping devastation which has negatively impacted our country, accessing your credit report is important. The Annual Credit Report is offering free weekly reports to help consumers monitor their credit for 12 months through April 2021 accessible through […]

Wanna Change Your Money Life?

I grew up the daughter of two elementary school teachers. Dad struggled to hold down a job for most of my youth, and so that meant we often lived solely off of Mom’s meager educator’s salary.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I could fully appreciate the sacrifices Mom had to make for […]

5 Ways to Set Your Productivity on Fire

We only have 24 hours in a day. Some days that 24 hours isn’t nearly enough and other days it can feel entirely too long. Whichever way your day happens to go, there are five things you can do to improve your productivity and set your success on fire! Here are 6 tips to improve […]

Money, it’s a family Affair!

Money is not often a subject spoken about around the dinner table in most families. Whether you grew up being shielded from discussions about money, or were faced with the woes of family debt, it is important now to show your children a healthy relationship with money. You can set them up for success by […]

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