Category: Inspiration and Motivation

7 Ways Your Health Impacts Your Money

Look, we all know we could do a little better on our health goals. Whether it’s skipping the gym to run the kids to practice, or running through a drive thru when we’re on a time crunch, there are a million tiny ways we push health to the backburner for seemingly more important things. But […]

6 questions to get your dreams in motion

Dreams, goals, wishes, desires, and wants – we all have them! Some of us know, and some of us don’t know what dreams we want.  While others simply don’t have a clear game plan to create and implement their dreams. Whichever camp you’re in, you can start the dream process in motion with these 6 […]

Faith, Art and Money

You’re sitting at your work station staring at a blank canvas on your computer screen with your design/art software application open, wondering what to create next. Decisions, decisions. As your mind wonders, searching for the right muse or the right idea you know you might just be one creation away from what could lead to […]

Entitled vs. Empowered – Do you know the difference?

When faced with conflict or a problem to solve, do you ever feel confused about the best action to take, or not take? Do you fear that what you say or do will make matters worse, when what you really want is relief? With the best intentions, many people do not understand the distinction between […]

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