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Wanna Change Your Money Life?

I grew up the daughter of two elementary school teachers. Dad struggled to hold down a job for most of my youth, and so that meant we often lived solely off of Mom’s meager educator’s salary. 

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I could fully appreciate the sacrifices Mom had to make for our family. 

Growing up, I was taught that you pay your church offerings, save a little money, pay your bills, and then play with what was left over. But I had no idea there were some months when my mom had to skip a bill payment, because there wasn’t enough money in her checking account. I knew money was tight during those years, but I had no idea HOW tight. 

I remember as a high school basketball player going to McDonalds with our team after an away game. Mom gave me $5 to spend. Don’t get me wrong. I was a growing girl who had just spent all evening playing basketball. Mom’s intention was for me to use that $5 at every away game. But I knew the value of that $5 at home. . . .at least I thought I did in my teenage mind. So I tried to make it stretch, because after all, Mom was already paying for my piano lessons, athletic fees, school fees, gas, clothing, shoes, medical care, etc. I knew that a McDonald’s hamburger cost $.59 (a little more with tax), and if I only bought 1 hamburger, I could make my $5 stretch for several away games (unless I splurged and got the $.69 cheeseburger). 

I grew up believing that money was tight and hard to come by. You had to work hard for your money. You had to go to college to get a job that could make you money. If you made 6 figures, you had “made it” in life. Money should be stored (I probably “hoarded”) for a rainy day. Money should be spent very cautiously. All of these beliefs dictated my entire relationship with money.

When I graduated from college. Within 6 months of graduation, I was making more money per year than Mom had ever made in her 38-year teaching career. was single and still living a poor college student’s lifestyle; yet, my thoughts about money didn’t really change.

Over the years my salary generally continued its upward trend. Yet, my thoughts and beliefs about money remained the same. In fact, I believed they were gospel truth.

Then one day, I “MADE IT”! I made 6 figures for the first time. You know what changed? Not one darn thing. I still viewed money as scarce, tight, constricting, and what’s worse? I viewed myself as a fraud–not worthy of the money.

But you know what I’m learning? I’ve been wrong my whole life. All those thoughts I had about money were just that – THOUGHTS. The only reason they felt true was because I had thought them over and over again for years.

I started realizing that many people think very differently about money. I started learning that my relationship with money has everything to do with how I THINK about it. So I’ve gradually started to shift my perspective about money.

Today, I know that making 6 figures shows how my work is valued, not how I’m valued. Making a lot of money is easy. It doesn’t require 60-hour work weeks. Money comes because of the value I put out into the world, not because of the number of hours I work. 

If you’re like me, and you have a relationship with money that you want to change, think about these three things:

  1. What comes to mind when you think about money? 
  2. Do you have or want a lot of money? Why or why not?
  3. What were you taught about money?

As you take time to truly ponder your answers to these questions, you may uncover some long-held beliefs that are holding you back when it comes to your relationship with money.

I know I did. But don’t judge yourself for whatever comes up! Be curious. You may find a whole new money world out there that you never knew existed.

Guest post written by Shannon Resare of The Working Mama Coach.

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